О российском автопроме с любовью

О российском автопроме с любовью

Ржунимагу. Описание ВАЗ-2121 на сайте исландской прокатной конторы — так поэтично об отечественном автопроме наверное еще не писали.

This retro looking rough’n’rugged 4×4 is fit to tackle just about anything. The Niva was launched in the Soviet Union in 1976 and has received a but a few mechanical updates since. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And this thing ain’t broke, better yet: won’t leave you broke either. It’s a Cheap Jeep.

The Niva has permanent 4-wheel drive with center diff-lock Five gears in low ratio and five in high ratio which can be used in any combination with or without the diff-lock engaged.

We like to refer to it as The Cheap Jeep or The Russian Hummer, whatever you want to call it we’re sure you’ll fall in love with its big Russian soul!»

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